Baking Without An Oven

topic posted Sat, June 7, 2008 - 3:45 PM by  Euphoria
Does anyone have hints or tips for making things on a stove top or in the sun (for instance) when one is without an oven?

I'm looking for something like little cakes or cookies that I can make in a skillet, or on a griddle, I suppose.
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  • Ahh, Euphoria! I saw a recent post of yours in the Mac OS X tribe... anyway... have you seen there are lots of plans for making solar cookers. I haven't tried it yet, but I'd love to bake bread in a solar oven... lots of recipes, too..

    In CR you'll have to adjust for afternoon rains about this time of year. I'd suggest starting simple. Also, it may not qualify as "baking" but you can very easily pull off fritters or "donuts"...

    Crepes are easy, and you can fill them with anything... savory or sweet.

    OK, I'm feeling my cocktail and should bail, but I want to hear what others have to offer.

    • You could make some of the indian flat breads, like nan or parathas. Also mexican wheat tortillas could be considered a bread and all of these cook on a griddle on the stove top.
    • Thanks for the suggestions, guys!

      I'm actually hoping for something sort of dessert like, so maybe fritters or churros would be a plan, though I'd also prefer something that doesn't require lots of oil.

      I plan to build myself a nice solar oven if I can ever find a place to stay at for more than a month or two. It just wouldn't be practical to have one more thing that I have to move from place to place to place with me.

      I'm currently in the Caribbean so the rain pattern is completely different than most of the rest of the country. In any case, there's plenty of sun most days to successfully use it, so I look forward to being able to do that at some point.
      • Euphoria,

        You can bake on the stove top by using a dutch oven with a rack in it, you can also bake or steam with a bamboo steamer some chopsticks and a wok.

        If you have a decent dutch oven, just get a rack that sits about 1 inch above the bottom. you can bake cakes and breads or pies etc in it. You need to allow for the humidity in your area but it does work.
        You can deepfry bread dough and roll in sugar. hawaiians call them malasadas.

        You can also get something called a pizzele iron. you dip the iron in batter and then either dip it in deep fat or you can get electric heated irons as well.
        Lots of options.

        You might also consider a small toaster oven. they are light and portable and useful for so many things.

        if you need recipes for dutch ovens just ask I can post a few. I use them when we camp out to make pies and biscuits on the campstove.
  • Hi Euphoria,
    Sure you can bake a cake without an oven.
    Check out this link where a cake is baked in a pressure cooker (without water in the pressure cooker!) Here the weight that creates the pressure is NOT placed on top. I haven't tried the method so wouldn't be able to answer any questions. I suppose you will not use the rubber gasket either, or that would melt with the high heat. The pressure cooker is used for its solid metal body which will not be affected by high heat. Some people in India place sand half way up the pressure cooker and then the cake pan holding the cake batter inside it for even heating all around. The limitation would be that you can can't bake a large cake.
    Good luck!
    Hysteria (you and I seem to be related in some way ;-)

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